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Travel In the Steps of George Nader
We all know that actors travel and there is nothing new in that. Many of them have kept beach houses and mountain shacks and other assortment of houses throughout the country. However, can you imagine an actor from the 50s, an underpaid one at that, going to Europe and making a name? George Nader was one such actor. He was a widely traveled Hollywood star who used to prefer the roads to acting.
In early 60s, Nader went to Europe and made a name following the breath of a scandal. In actuality, it wasn’t so much a scandal as a cover up. We all know the hush-hush and hypocrisy around homosexuals. It was rampant during the 60s and 70s. The hint of homosexuality was just entering main stream cinema and making American households aware of this phenomena. In such a situation, being a homosexual and an actor did not go along very well.
A tabloid almost came out with a story about Nader and Hudson being lovers. This story was quashed by Universal and Nader found himself out of Hollywood and into the glitz of German cinema.
You might ask why Nader left Hollywood altogether. He already had a fantastic career with TV so why did he not just continue there if he had to leave movies? The answer to this question is that George Nader loved traveling. This was a golden opportunity for him to settle out of USA and he grabbed it with both hands.
To those who are not aware about Nader and his love life – Nader had a lifelong partner Mark Miller. And when George Nader decided to move to Europe, guess who accompanied him? Miller left everything he had in the States to move to Germany with Nader in 1963.
This is an account of the travel escapades that Miller and George had together.
The Pasadena Nader
If you know anything about George Nader, then you definitely know that he started his career by acting in Pasadena Playhouse Theatre. However, not many know that before being an actor Mr. Nader joined the US Navy as a communications officer. Many sources close to Nader have been known to claim that he was crazy about travelling and adventure. He always wanted to be free in the limelight and his life.
To this effect George Nader never let his body fall slag. He kept at his swimming and pumping weights even when he was well past 50. That was the Nader way. While in Pasadena, George never left an opportunity to go traveling. During the late 40s while George was working in Pasadena Theatre, he developed a crush on Mark Miller. This was the start of a romance that would remain till the end of Nader’s life in 2002.
They travelled the entire length of Pasadena and California that resulted in an everlasting friendship. Now, Los Angeles at that time was not as big and glitzy as it is today. The Los Angeles that we know today came to be because of people like Jack Warner, Lew Wasserman, and Darryl Zanuck who built their empires there.
Pasadena as George Nader saw boomed during the Second World War with many industries and factories coming up. Some say that this was the prime reason for Nader entering the Navy. For George Nader and family there was always a job available in this area because the industries managed to stay alive even during the great depression.
The favorite spot for Miller and Nader while they were working in the theatre was Will Rogers State Beach. Many sources are claimed that whenever there was stress or a celebration the Nader-Miller couple would push off to the shores of Will Rogers. They were great enthusiasts for mountains and trekking as well. Though Miller was not as beefy as George Nader, he always kept his ground while hiking the trails or climbing a hill.